Flint Ventures

Revenue and transformational catalysts for entrepreneurial organizations.


We do 3 Things:


Marketing: We develop better sales-generating marketing through improved marketing assets and go-to-market strategies.

Sales: Flint’s methods expand the referenceable account list, build the funnel and land the new clients quickly and profitably.

Help Secure Funding: We are well positioned to assist in raising capital for your company’s acceleration.


For 3 Groups:

Acceleration for Emerging Ventures: Emerging companies with sustainable value propositions, large addressable market opportunities, capable team, and leverageable intellectual property.

Succession/Transition Acceleration: Flint facilitates value creation for more mature companies by helping them adopt intrapreneurial sales & marketing strategies.

Investor Sales and Marketing Insights: As experienced entrepreneurs, Flint has a deep understanding of the very specific needs of investors.

Find out more at : flintventures.ca

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